The Ganesha Lab is a Global Biotech Scale up for science and technology-based startups in Latam.

We aim to inspire a better understanding of culture and responsiveness of evolving humans, connecting the world of science, biotech, entrepreneurs and people.

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  • Global innovation is only possible through collaboration. The Ganesha Lab partnership with Venture Catalyst has been the key to enabling our Worldwide Accelerated Research Partnerships (WARP ™) program at UC Davis.
    Mike Lemcke
    Mike Lemcke
    Associate Director, Venture Catalyst
    University of California, Davis
  • At J&J we believe in co-creating the future of human health with the global startups ecosystem. Latin America has brilliant scientists and entrepreneurs who need strategic partners like The Ganesha Lab to accelerate their innovation and scale globally.
    Livea Fujita Barbosa
    Livea Fujita Barbosa
    Associate Director External & Translational Innovation
    Johnson & Johnson
  • The Ganesha Lab Program offers me the opportunity to transfer to the entrepreneurs my perspective and experience in Global business development and fund raising. Think Global, think Big. I have witness how The Ganesha Lab scale up program has impacted the growth of people and companies. I applaud them!
    Gregory Mannix
    Gregory Mannix
    Vice President International Business Development
    General Manager Europe
    Life Science Nation