At The Ganesha Lab we live deeply our mission of transforming science into good business that impacts the lives of millions of people globally.

That is why, in a new effort to bring Latin American biotech startups to establish themselves in the United States, we created a Go to Market program for early-growth stage companies: BIGinBIO US Market 2023.

The two-month program consists of two weeks of online soft-landing executed by CIC Miami, before moving to Miami, where the founders will participate in on-site workshops, mentorings, and a full schedule of personalized meetings with ecosystem experts and advisors that will help them close the specific gaps that they need to address, specially designed by our team and co-executed by CIC Soft-Landing.

To ensure that the founders of the selected startups can dedicate this entire period to work on the internationalization of their project and learn to navigate the competitive global markets, they will receive an investment of up to US$160,000.

What are you waiting for to take your science to the world?

Nobody understands Biotech business like we do!